Nope... there is still nothing to show (i JUST merged the v1 of this blog system).

I don't have much to show yet (exams are taking all of my time) but various projects are very slowly underway... They range from programming languages to whole networked videogames and many things inbetween. It wouldn't be a surprise if only a few of them make it past even the alpha stage (or at all 😔)
The sidebar isn't very well furnished either... but the search feature works! I even have my own dashboard to write this stuff sort of neatly!

So to fill some of the void here's a small demo of a language I was working on in 2023 in C:

looks somewhat basic, but behind the scenes this is a completely custom parser, AST generator and bytecode writer, all of which can work on their own without relying heavily on previous structures. The bytecode also contains metadata such as the language version and a string table for strings as well as identifiers. This screenshot in particular shows calling of methods on objects using the lua rule of prepending the "this" object at the start.

The language also natively supports object types and type testing, this was already very satisfying to get working.

It is also completely stack-driven, each expressions are reduced to a stack entry and the 2 top entries are the hottest values in the execution cycle, that is, they get checked and changed often (then pushed and popped if they really need to be). This screenshot doesn't show it well but functions can also discard stack entries that are computed but end up not getting used in the call (otherwise they would stay here forever unused, gradually clogging up the stack and potentially leading up to an overflow).

This isn't in any particular order, and again please ignore the silly (albeit objectively hilarious) naming of things. This screenshot is meant to show among other things that functions are first class just like objects and can behave likewise (internally they are actually objects).

That's it! That's all I have to show, I just wanted an excuse to have this blog not be empty on arrival to show you my crude little toy language :)
Let's hope I get motivated enough to finish this and other things one day.

And since this blog still doesn't have a socials section (again, v1) here are some links:
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